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Water is an essential substance for all forms of life; it has no odour, no taste, and no colour. Water’s chemical formula is H2O; two Hydrogen atoms are covalently bonded with one Oxygen atom.

Sources of Water

Up to 70% of the earth's surface is covered with water in the form of 1) Oceans 2) Rivers 3) Lakes 4) Streams. Oceans are made up of salt water. Rivers & streams are natural sources of moving fresh water. Most of the lakes are Freshwater; however, some lakes have Saltwater content or brackish water.

Human Body

Depending on the Human body size, it contains up to 78% of water. To keep up the proper functionality of a human body, the body requires approximately 2 liters of water per day. Water within the Human body is vital both as a solvent and is an essential part of many metabolic processes.

Water Pollution

All water bodies are subjected to pollution because humans dump wastes into them. Hence the purity of the water is a major concern. The water pollution affects the life forms in the water bodies and is not advisable for consumption.

Health Concerns

A Billion people around the world routinely drink unhealthy water, some five million deaths a year are caused by polluted drinking water. The World Health Organization estimates that safe drinking water could prevent 1.4 million child deaths from Diarrhea each year.

Potable water

Potable water is the water fit for human consumption, also called drinking water. The water that is drawn from the water bodies is not potable, it is made potable by a range of methods like distillation and filtration.




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Did You Know?

Most of the tap water, bottled water, Reverse Osmosis water and distilled water contains low pH levels that cause our body to become more acidic.


Prevent Constipation by adequate fluid intake.

Alkaline Diet

An alkaline diet encourages the consumption of most fruits and vegetables and omits foods such as meat, cheese, eggs and grains.

Did You Know?

The single largest freshwater resource suitable for drinking is Lake Baikal in Siberia.